Portermark is the gold standard in beer line cleaning.

Consistent Beer Quality – Reduced Wastage – Generates Revenues – Safer Staff

Our Service

Portermark provide an innovative, proven approach to beer line cleaning, which is now becoming the new industry standard. We help our clients to achieve better tasting beer, reduce beer wastage and increase profits.


Portermark’s unique technology provides an innovative, proven approach to beer line cleaning.

The result? You serve better quality beer, just as the brewers intended, that satisfies your customers’ discerning tastes.


Portermark’s beer line cleaning is performed by professional BeerTechs who have met our demanding training criteria.

Portermark does not use pressurised containers, minimising spillage and risk of exposure to explosions.

Quality Beer / Improved Yields

In Australia they recommend that beer lines are cleaned weekly.

Portermark’s  unique technology will now enable your beer lines to be cleaned once every three weeks:

  • With no degradation in beer quality; and
  • Thereby improving your yields over this time.

Portermark’s unique cleaning process has been developed over ten years, and is used successfully in the European markets.

Portermark is now revolutionising the Australian market by using the beer line cleaning methods here.


Some of the iconic venues Portermark successfully services.




generous squires

Currambine Bar & Bistro


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